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Ajman Free Zone Company Setup | UAE Free Zone Company Setup
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Ajman Free Zone Company Setup

Each UAE free zone offers its own distinct advantages to the entrepreneurs and business owners who set up there. The emirate of Ajman is one such example. Currently undergoing major redevelopment, Ajman’s state-of-the-art international airport is nearing completion; it boasts a newly-finished USD 25m marina project, as well as several park developments.

So let’s take a look at the details, to help you decide whether setting up in Ajman freezone is right for you.

  1. Multiple visa options: One of the key selling points of Ajman Free Zone – particularly for entrepreneurs setting up in the UAE for the first time – is their varied packages that offer different quantities of visas. In executive office you can take 5 visas and in smart office up to maximum of 3 visas.
  2. Affordable and cost effective: As one of the UAE’s most cost-effective free trade zones (FTZs), Ajman freezone is particularly popular with small and medium-sized companies looking to get big business advantages on a smaller budget. The license packages start from AED 11000 to AED32000 for 5 visas.
  3. Quick and easy registration: Ajman Free Zone registration is hassle-free. Entrepreneurs are only required to visit the free zone once to sign company documents in front of authorities – the rest of the process can be managed remotely. First you have to submit the required application and company documents with business plan and you can usually set up your company in as little as two days.
  4. NOC from the local sponsor is not required: Ajman Free Zone does not require entrepreneurs to provide a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from a current employer. This is the reason why its famous with businessman with low investment and entrepreneurs. It makes possible to set up side businesses within the free zone while still employed.
  5. Open to a widevariety of business types: You can apply even for separate e-commerce license that many other zones of UAE don’t offer. It has wide mix of industries and businesses that make it the best place for collaboration and networking for entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and skills with each another. 
  6. Low barriers to entry: Ajman Free Zone is the ideal home for entrepreneurs who want to set up quickly and easily, and do business with minimal fuss. Not only is there no requirement to provide paid up share capital to get your Ajman freezone company set up, but there’s also no ongoing auditing or book keeping requirements.
  7. Easiest to open bank account:Their staff is on hand and helpful to open a cooperate bank account in their zone. They advise you as well on the mechanics of the application process. Ajman Free Zone staff helps you choose the bank that’s right for you and book meetings with any relevant institutions.
  8. Easy to sponsor dependants: To get visa inAjman Free Zone is quick and easy, you can sponsor family and employees as well. Businessmen who can meet their requirements of salary and have enough savings can even sponsor visa applications for dependants, if they are renting enough space to accommodate them.

Ajman Free Zone’s also has developed and spread his offices throughout the world like in Dubai, Russia, Pakistan, India and the UK. This makes it a truly international free zone.